Air - Water Heat Pumps
Diagram of an Air-Water Heating System
As a source of heat, the air is the most
accessible, practially unlimited, and ecologically
most convientiet because heat taken from the
surrounding air is returned to the environment
through the thermal losses of a building. Unlike
heat pumps that take heat from the soil or
underground water
, heat pumps that take heat
from the air and that are marked as 'air-water'
do not disturb the ambient thermal balance.

Heat From The Air

Heat combined in the air is used directly. The outside air
flows directly through the heat pump evaporator. The
temperature of the air changes substaintially during a
heating season. The air to water heat pump's heating
output and performance factor changes accordingly. At
extremely low temperatures both the heating output and the
performance factor drop. However, the determination of
energetic parameters in a modern heat pump is not as
marked as in older types. Modern air source heat pumps
also operate in a broader range of applications, i.e. the
temperature of the air at which they run effeciently and
reliably decreases.


The initial capital costs of a ground source heat pump
usually higher than other conventional heating systems.
However the system is among the most energy efficient
and cost effective heating systems available. The cost of
an air to water heat pump is also less than a ground
source and is less intrusive. Typically 3 units of heat are
generated for every unit of electricity used and the
payback is typically about 8-10 years. This has been
improved now due to the Greener Homes Scheme. Once
installed a heat pump requires very little maintenance
and a maintenance agreement can be arranged with an
Eirenew technician.

Designed to meet the demands of today’s domestic hot
water and heating requirements.
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